Northern Lights Marine Generators

Northern Lights simple DC Logic Design is reliable, inexpensive and easy to access. Northern Lights diesel generators can be installed near a wall or bulkhead as the filters, fills and drains are on a single side. High quality components and experienced engineering reduces belts and hoses to a minimum. Their advanced design also makes them resistant to corrosion and electrolysis.

The Northern Lights direct coupled, four pole, four lead generator has Class "H" insulation and features a conservative heat rise rating of 95 degrees Centigrade ambient. The 6kW model is an overhead valve diesel, four cycle, 3 cylinder and liquid cooled, naturally aspirated, with glow plugs for quick starting. We are currently installing a new 6kW generator in a Caliber 47LRC sailboat. 

In 2017, GLD replaced an Onan gas generator with a Northern Lights M673LD3 diesel generator in a 270 Searay Sundancer during a complete gas to diesel repower.


Westerbeke generators are designed exclusively for marine applications. GLD is your one-stop-shop for the Westerbeke line of Low-CO gasoline generators, D-NET Diesel generators and the NEW EG Series (electronically governed) diesel generators.

Low CO gas generators operate at a quiet, electronically controlled 1800 rpm which supports long life, low maintenance and dramatically cuts carbon monoxide emissions. Being powered by 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engines, vibration is virtually eliminated.  They feature electronic fuel injection which provides optimum fuel efficiency, easy starting and improved reliability. Electronic speed control maintains the engine at a constant speed and eliminates bogging down when load is applied. 

All D-NET generators have available digital controls and feature "at a glance" illuminated lights indicating proper operation. Battery voltage, generator frequency, oil pressure, coolant and exhaust temperature are all monitored. All this information may be viewed from a distance. All green lights indicate referenced systems are functioning properly. Operating at 1500 rpm with a newly designed, tuned air intake silencer, the 12.0 EDT generator runs smooth and quiet. They are offered with standard Westerlink or optional NMEA 2000 compliant database. 

The new EG Series is powered by a lightweight, rugged "industrial engine" and is touted as a "quiet breed" of reliable power. The 5.5 EGCD provides 3-cylinder smoothness and a tuned air intake silencer for quiet, slow speed operation.  Standard electronic governing maintains the engine at a constant speed virtually eliminating "droop" when load is applied.

Northern Lights Industrial Generators

GLD is the newest Northern Lights Industrial dealer on Lake Erie with a 200 mile service radius. Land-based generators range from 5kW to 100kW. These generator sets have proven their mettle for over four decades. With unmatched versatility and quality, they are engineered with an emphasis on economic operation, with the advantage of reliability. Superior engineering and technical precision brings you reliable power at the job site, hunting camp or remote telecommunications station.